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    As children grow, even the smallest want to spend time with a crayon or pencil in their hand, colouring or drawing the things they see around them. As time goes on and school starts, having some quiet space to complete homework or sit and draw is an essential part of every child’s development. Our desks for children offer kids a space of their own to let their imagination run free - writing stories, drawing pictures or starting hobbies, and each desk is crafted by hand to the highest standards. There’s nothing flimsy about our furniture - we believe desks for girls and boys should be robust enough to be part of their lives as they grow. With two handy drawers for writing materials or art supplies, our desks have plenty of legroom - allowing your child to grow up without growing out of their furniture.

    Available in a range of colours including cobalt blue, white, cream or natural mahogany, now also grey, stone or khaki. All our furniture is hand-finished to ensure no sharp edges or protruding fittings for their safety and your peace of mind. Order now for delivery direct to your door, or contact us if you’d like to discuss ideas for your own bespoke furniture.


    Dimensions: 75heigh x 120wide x 55deep
    Weight: +-28kg

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