As your children grow, the need for durable furniture grows with them. Our bunk beds for kids are perfect examples of high quality bedroom furniture that will stand up to even the most boisterous adventures. Our bunk beds offer exceptional space saving properties without compromising on your child’s comfort. Because we make all our furniture to order, we spend time making sure each order meets our strict quality control and is constructed to the highest standards.

Available in single and three quarter sizes, our bunk beds for kids will become an invaluable addition to any bedroom, providing more play space for your children with our clever design. The versatility of our bunk beds is its main attraction and undeniably what makes it so popular. Our bunk beds can be used as two free standing beds. The L-shaped bunk is our triple threat, which can be used as two free standing beds and a bookshelf. Or go for our awesome three in one Loft bed, which can also be used as a freestanding bed, desk and bookshelf.

Apart from the practical space saving benefits, let’s face it, bunk beds are cool and kids love them. Climbing is part of growing, and bunk beds can fuel a child’s imagination. Becoming a castle or an aircraft carrier – the possibilities are endless! When you grew up didn’t you always want a bunk bed? The only problem you’ll ever encounter with our bunk beds is who will get to sleep on top. Contact us about a bunk slide, so that your kids can start the day by sliding out of bed. There is simply nothing better.

At Treehouse we know that children don’t necessarily lie still when they are in bed. Give yourself the peace of mind knowing that they are safely tucked away, by adding our classic safety rail to prevent accidents and to ensure that you manage to get some sleep too.

Please note that we do not recommend that children under the age of 6 sleep on the top bed.

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