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At Treehouse we find our most discerning customers are the children themselves and it’s our goal to ensure we get big thumbs up from them, across our entire range of kid’s bedroom furniture. Designed to meet the practical needs of parents each item is to have a high quality construction, as well as an unwavering comfort and safety level for the children who put our furniture to the test.

All our children’s bedroom furniture is made to order with our commitment to superior quality and innovative designs that ensure no sharp edges or protruding screws. Our furniture is ideal for even the most adventurous kids, with no chance of snags or scrapes from poorly fitted components. Each piece is hand sanded and thoroughly inspected to eliminate rough edges and only when we’re 100% happy that your furniture has passed our rigorous quality control, will it be delivered to you.

By making sure our children’s bedroom furniture is both safe and durable, we’re sure your family will get many years of enjoyment from our nursery furniture, beds, bunk beds, storage units and desks and tables. We believe that Treehouse furniture offers a combination of function and form that’s hard to beat. Beautiful designs which are ready to stand alone, or be used as part of a set. You’ll also find that all our furniture pieces have been designed to complement each other, enabling you to upgrade from a cot to a bed as your child grows, without needing to replace an entire bedroom set.

Buying your child Treehouse furniture guarantees that they will be set until well into their teenage years.

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