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The Nursery

This is where bonding begins and precious memories are made. As a parent, you will spend hours in the nursery with your little one. We know that you want the peace of mind knowing that when you put your baby down in one of our cots or on top of one of our compactums, they are leaving the safety of your arms to a haven that is equally safe.

With 3 adjustable levels, our cots offer the perfect level of comfort and practicality. The highest height was created with newborns in mind. This level ensures that you do not need to lean down too low when putting your little one down to sleep. The next level is an in between height, for when your baby is at their climbing phase. This allows for an extra bit of security. The lowest level is standard bed height so that when the time comes, the transition from cot to bed is a little easier. Our cot gates are removable. Remove one gate to create a co-sleeper or both to create a cot bed. Removing one gate also allows for your cot to be used as a bench, perfect for when your child is ready to get lost in a book.

Our compactums provide a changing space for your baby. It offers drawers for storing away creams, toiletries, clothing and blankets, all in one smartly designed unit. You wipe your baby down, apply special cream. The two of you are bonding, becoming a team. You get to their belly and pause for some tickles. Magic fills the air, as the room fills with giggles. Each drawer below contains your little baby’s things. Such joy and contentment, this precious moment brings.

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